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Free Summer Solstice Garden Social

Western Region - open to all members and non-members

Saturday, June 22, 2024

three extraordinary gardens... tasty food and beverages... Visiting with other maple nuts...

We started our morning at 9:30 on acreage owned by Jeff and Donna Wilson in Redmond, Washington. This sprawling, well-maintained garden features a large selection of Japanese maples as well as outstanding conifers. Cultivar placement has been carefully planned to provide an extraordinary kaleidoscope of colors as you move throughout the property.


Around 11 AM a short drive brought us to the garden of Jim and Julie Singer in Kirkland, Washington. This garden also features a wonderful selection of Japanese maples as well as an extraordinary collection of rare and beautifully maintained conifers from all over the world. If you’ve visited some of the maple and conifer Facebook sites, you will see a lot of Jim’s skilled photography and communication with conifer icons throughout the world.


By 12:30, a 3 minute drive to the garden of Dan and Jeanne Everts in Kirkland, Washington included a casual lunch and beverages while wandering amidst their urban oasis, featuring beautiful and expertly pruned maples and conifers surrounding a large koi pond.


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