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Founded in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s and expanded to North America, Britain, and Ireland, we are an international community of maple enthusiasts, encompassing both experts and amateurs alike from around the world.


Our members enjoy what maples, and especially Japanese maples, bring to their landscape and gardens. We get together for social and educational events, publish a quarterly newsletter, and donate to conservation projects for maples.


Become a member of The Maple Society and enhance your enjoyment, knowledge, and conservation of this magnificent species!

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

To enhance knowledge and appreciation of maples as a species and as part of our ornamental landscape.

Our Goals

  • To encourage the cultivation, propagation, and conservation of maples

  • To preserve maple diversity

  • To clarify cultivar identities

  • To discover and share knowledge about maple botany, culture, and use

  • To enable members to learn from and communicate with each other

  • To encourage the joy of community among those with a growing passion for maples

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The Maple Society encompasses gardening passion at every level—from those who grow a few ornamental maples in containers, gardening enthusiasts, Japanese maple collectors, and bonsai practitioners, to owners of display gardens and arboretums, and members of the scientific community.

Whether you’ve only just discovered how amazing the Acer genus can be, or you’re someone whose passion has been growing for years, The Maple Society will encourage your passion, inspire your garden, enlighten your mind, and delight your tree-loving spirit.



Over 250 species of maple grow throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. No other tree genus offers the diversity and scope found among its numerous species and cultivars. The variations in size, form, bark, foliage, flowers, and autumnal colors are abundant and breathtakingly profound.


As one of the foundational missions of The Maple Society, we are passionate about increasing the public’s awareness of maples. We welcome discussion, promote education, and share information via an informative quarterly newsletter, local garden tours, online talks by guest speakers, regular meetings, and an international symposium.

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Are you passionate about trees and gardening and ready to learn more about the remarkable maple?


Join The Maple Society for a wealth of great benefits and opportunities to meet others who share a similar passion and admiration of all things Acer!

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Bill Hibler Maple Society.jpg

Bill Hibler


Seattle, Washington

Robin Gardner Maple Society.jpg

Robin Gardner

Vice President

Tsawwassen, British Columbia

Marielle Eykemans Maple Society.jpg

Marielle Eykemans

Secretary / Treasurer

Pt. Angeles, Washington

Lynn Swanson 2023.jpg

Lynn Swanson

Board Member

Raleigh, North Carolina

Alan D Tabler.jpg

Alan Tabler

Board Member

Sandy, Oregon

Jennifer Tucker  head.jpg

Jennifer Tucker

Board Member

Manchester, Tennessee

Susan Martin.jpg

Susan Martin

Board Member

Branson, Missouri

Mena Milad.jpeg

Mena Milad

Board Member

Greenville, Texas

Officers & Board
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