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Annual General Meeting 2021

Online - members only

Saturday November 20, 2021

Held online using the free Zoom platform

The Maple Society North American Branch's annual general meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, November 20th by Zoom conference. While nothing can or will replace the pleasure of a live meeting with old and new friends and fellow maple lovers, we really enjoyed seeing new and familiar faces. After introductions and socializing we conducted the following business:

  • Adopted new bylaws that meet the state and federal requirements of a non-profit organization

  • From among six nominations selected Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Seiryu’ as Maple of the Year (MOTY)

  • Received a preview of “The International Maple Lovers Extravaganza” AKA the 2022 Symposium

  • Enjoyed hearing about regional activities in Western Washington and Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Watched a tour of thegarden and greenhouses of Jensfarm Maples

Special thanks to Robin Gardner for his outstanding work on the bylaws; Alan Tabler for managing the MOTY program; Dan and Jeanne Everts and Camille Paulsen for arranging and reporting on a Western region event at JM Cellars; and Jim and Lynne Swanson for organizing and reporting on the regional program in the Southeast.

In addition to our new website, we will soon offer a member’s database with the ability to join and renew memberships, and register for events and online activities. We will also have full access to the Maple cultivar database project being developed by The International Maple Society.

I am still looking for a volunteer to moderate a members-only forum or Facebook group. Being able to share knowledge, experiences and celebrations will be a great benefit. I am constantly looking for trusted sources of information and I believe our membership includes some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Finally, we need another board member. After several years of service to our organization, Adam Wheeler has resigned. We would love to get a replacement from our Northeast region. Please feel free to nominate anyone including yourself.


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