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Maple Grafting Workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina

Southeast Region - open to all members and non-members

Saturday February 4*

Gathering starts at 10:00 am

Workshop starts at 10:30 am

Lunch served afterwards

Raleigh, NC

The Southeast Regional Interest Group will be holding a grafting workshop at the home of Jim and Lynn Swanson in Raleigh, North Carolina, led by Jennifer Tucker of Jen's Farm Maples.

This event is open to both members and non-members. You are welcome to learn hands-on, or you can simply observe if you're not ready to try your hand at grafting. If you do plan to practice grafting, please bring your own grafting knife, or you can share the tools we have on-hand. After the workshop, we'll be serving a warm chili lunch for everyone.

Costs are nominal: bring $5.65 (cash preferred) to the event to cover supplies and rootstock (excluding those who already purchased their rootstock or plan to bring their own).

To make sure we have enough rootstock (and chili), registration is required. For non-members wishing to register, simply cancel the member login page, and continue with your registration.

*with an inclement weather date of Saturday February 11

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